Relay42’s RealCDP Audit

Read the full audit of the Customer Data Platform Institute and learn the high-level findings as well as a list of our CDP capabilities.
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Relay42’s RealCDP Audit

RealCDP Certification Audit

RealCDP™ is a certification program managed by the Customer Data Platform Institute. It defines a set of features required for a product to perform the functions that most users expect from a CDP. The goal of the certification is to help buyers choose a CDP vendor by arming them with a simple checklist of features that must be met for a system to deliver on the CDP promise. The full audit covers a total of 70 individual elements, categorized in 17 CDP-related capabilities.  

We are happy to share that Relay42 meets core and enhanced RealCDP capabilities and is recognized for its model building, personalization, and journey orchestration capabilities. 

If you are in the process of evaluating CDP vendors, this report will help you define your selection criteria.

Grab the full audit and read:  

  • A summary of the evaluation of the Relay42 Platform
  • An overview of the 17 RealCDP capabilities 
  • A brief description of each CDP capability reviewed in the RealCDP Certification Audit